Scented Wax Melts Deluxe Gift Box
Scented Wax Melts Deluxe Gift Box

Scented Wax Melts Deluxe Gift Box

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12 scented wax melts are included in this elegant gift box.  The box opens out into three layers, perfect for keeping your melts or trinkets.

Please list the fragrances and quantities of each that you require to total 12 in the “aroma preferences” box below. (eg. 1 x Candy Kisses, 1 x Mango Mayhem etc.) 

Choose from:
Aloe,  Amber Sky,  Apple Fizz ,  Autumn Breeze,  Baby Love,  Banana & Pomegranate,  Banazle-Nut,  Basil & Wild Herbs,  Berrylicious,  Blu-Bell Woods,  Calming Camomile,  Candy Kisses,  Caramelized Fig & Chestnuts,  Cherry Brandy,  Chocolate Orange,  Cinnamon Surprise,  Coconut & Lime Infusion,  Cocopina,  Cranberry Marmalade,  Crisp Linen,  Eastern Promise,  Feng Shui Blaze,  Feng Shui Timber,  Freesia Frenzy,  Ginseng-Sation,  Grapefruit Crush,  Green-Tea & Lemongrass,  Honey beam,  Honeysuckle & Jasmine,  Jamaican Jinger,  Japanese Spa,  Lavender Lush,  Laven-Nilla,  Lemon Drizzle,  Liquid Gold,  Mango Mayhem,  Mojito Twist,  Nag Champa, Patchouli & Ylang Ylang,  Peanut Brittle,  Perky Peach Punch,  Pumpkin Soufflé,  Purely Popcorn,  Rhu-Bumble,  Scarlet Violet,  Sizzling Sandalwood,  Spearmint & Basil,  Spring Garden,  Summer Rose,  Sweet Fig & Passion Fruit,  Tango Orange,  Tropical Dream,  Vanilla Cream,  Velvet Grape, Wild Orchid,  Zing.

Please view our fragrance list for a description of the scents.

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