Cocktail Glass Candle
Cocktail Glass Candle

Cocktail Glass Candles

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These lovely cocktail candles are great centrepieces to adorn any table. 

Set in a martini glass and featuring a coloured base and co-coordinating floral wax embellishment, the candle when lit gives an amazing effect. 

Enjoy the ambience of the candle plus when finished you have the elegant martini glass to use for its original purpose!

Available in 6 luscious fragrances taken from our Just Like Fine Fragrance collection.  

  • Just Like Chanel Mademoiselle  (Pink)
  • Just Like Paco Rabanne Lady Million  (Purple)
  • Just like Dior J'Adore  (Green) 
  • Just Like Jimmy Choo  (Peach)
  • Just Like Carolina Herrera Good Girl  (Yellow)
  • Just Like Mugler Alien   (Turquoise)

Dimensions: Height:  18cm x Diameter: 12cm

Burn time:  Approx. 50 hours