Wax Melts

10 Scented Wax Melts

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An assortment of 10 scented wax melts.  

Each melt is supplied in its own labelled, polythene, sealed bag to maintain freshness. 

Choose from: 
Aloe,  Amber Sky,  Apple Fizz ,  Autumn Breeze,  Baby Love,  Banana & Pomegranate,  Banazle-Nut,  Basil & Wild Herbs,  Berrylicious,  Blu-Bell Woods,  Calming Camomile,  Candy Kisses,  Caramelized Fig & Chestnuts,  Cherry Brandy,  Chocolate Orange,  Cinnamon Surprise,  Coconut & Lime Infusion,  Cocopina,  Cranberry Marmalade,  Crisp Linen,  Eastern Promise,  Feng Shui Blaze,  Feng Shui Timber,  Freesia Frenzy,  Ginseng-Sation,  Grapefruit Crush,  Green-Tea & Lemongrass,  Honey beam,  Honeysuckle & Jasmine,  Jamaican Jinger,  Japanese Spa,  Lavender Lush,  Laven-Nilla,  Lemon Drizzle,  Liquid Gold,  Mango Mayhem,  Mojito Twist,  Nag Champa, Patchouli & Ylang Ylang,  Peanut Brittle,  Perky Peach Punch,  Pumpkin Soufflé,  Purely Popcorn,  Rhu-Bumble,  Scarlet Violet,  Sizzling Sandalwood,  Spearmint & Basil,  Spring Garden,  Summer Rose,  Sweet Fig & Passion Fruit,  Tango Orange,  Tropical Dream,  Vanilla Cream,  Velvet Grape, Wild Orchid,  Zing.


Please view our fragrance list for a description of the scents.

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