Wax Melt Selection Box
Wax Melt Selection Box
Wax Melt Selection Box

Wax Melt Selection Box

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Each box includes 16 highly scented wax melts.  Each melt will fragrance your room for approx 8 hours.  Decorated with festive ribbon and holly.   Choose from two box options:

Variety Selection Box
includes a selection of our popular wax melts of the following categories:
4 x Christmas fragrances
4 x Floral Fragrances
4 x Just Like Fine Fragrances
4 x 2020 top sellers

Perfume Selection Box
This box includes 16 melts from our Just Like Collection.  A range of fragrances similar in type to a selection of popular fine fragrances. Included are:

  • Just Like Joop
  • Just Like One Million
  • Just Like Angel
  • Just Like Alien
  • Just Like Boss Orange
  • Just Like Lady Million
  • Just Like Rush
  • Just Like Jimmy Choo
  • Just Like Ghost
  • Just Like J'Adore
  • Just Like Black Opium
  • Just Like Sauvage
  • Just Like Bleu
  • Just Like Bamboo
  • Just Like Mademoiselle
  • Just Like Good Girl

Please note:  Ribbon and embellishment may vary from the picture but will still maintain the festive theme.

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